Jaago Robotics

Partnered with the Jaago Foundation to teach robotics and coding to the brightest students in Bangladesh

What We do

Providing Robotics Education

As a branch of the Jaago Foundation, we teach Robotics, Coding, and STEM to students in Bangladesh at the Jaago Foundation. We use the Lego Mindstorms EV3 Robotics kit to help young students learn introductory robotics concepts, providing new opportunities for Bangladeshi students.

About The Program

Expanding Robotics Education In Bangladesh

We go once every year to teach Robotics and Coding to students at the Jaago Schoool in Dhaka. We have gone twice so far, in the summer of 2018 and winter of 2019, and plan on going in December 2021.


Promoting Robotics and Skills

We aim to teach the fundamentals of Robotics and Coding to students who have no exposure. We love teaching motivated and inspired students who capitalize on new opportunites in unaccessible fields in Bangladesh, such as Computer Science and Engineering.

By spreading robotics education and knowledge, the students are introduced to new fields, giving them new and promising career opportunities.


Fostering Education and Opportunities

We work with teachers, students, and organizers to provide the best education and new resources to students.

As each year progresses we improve our curriculum so the students will learn the most in the time we have. Each session, not only do we continue to work with previous students, we work with a new batch of students to extend our reach.


Projects and Achievements

The Jaago students learned very quickly and achieved their goals and tasks in a very fast manner.

Levi's Presentation

In between our first and second group of students, the first group gave a presentation to Levi's, the denim company, in the hopes of receiving funding for their school. The students showed such a strong understanding of the material that they were given the grant and funds for their school.

Line Follower

For the final project, the students learned to code and implement a line follower robot, which followed a black line. Students used their new-found coding and engineering skills to create their robot. After lots of testing, all groups were able to achieve the task.

Board Presentation

For the last session with our groups the students gave a presentation to the Jaago Board explaining the work they have done in the past two weeks, and why it matters. This was a huge success as the students were able to do this without the help of us, or their teacher.

Continued Achievement

Even though our in-person sessions are limited, the students wanted to continue to learn new concepts. Therefore, with the help of faculity, we were able to establish weekly meetings where we would send lesson plans and long term projects. The next project they began was a color sorting robot.

Thoughts and Quotes from Jaago

I loved the robotics class because it changed my mind to shine in a new way. I learned to think creatively and to imagine things a new way. I learned about how machines work and learned how to build and code them.

RajuStudent at Jaago

It's a platform from which we learn a lot of things. Before this class we didn't know anything about robotics or coding, so the sessions are really helpful and fun. This class was very much helpful and interesting for us, and we enjoyed a lot and learned a lot of great things.

ShurmaStudent at Jaago

Lego robotics was the most outstanding project at Jaago. As most of the students and their family live below the property line, they never thought to learn something enriching. Even as Teacher I was excited like all other students. By far Jaago lego robotics is the only educational institute in Bangladesh who are helping the underprivileged students to learn robotics. Ayaan and Shafin were really passionate about their work. I learned so many thing things from them, and by the end of their 1st visit, around 20 of our students have already learned the basics and can do few programs of their own. Even we show cased our lego robotics to the visitors, sponsor and govt. officials of education ministry. The students surprised us with their ability of learning and findings solutions. I'm truly grateful and hoping that we will learn new things through robotics and achieve more in near future.

Shakeel SirInstructor at Jaago